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Posted February 19th, 2009 by E. Goodman

A brand never changed anyone’s life. At least not for the better. In fact, we are a society of people who have been let down, frustrated, and ripped of by brands. Microsoft has frustrated our daily lives, McDonald’s has made us unhealthy, Starbucks has charged us ungodly amounts for coffee, and American Airlines loses our bags. Time after time, brand loyalty was taken for granted and rewarded with inferior products and services.

People, on the other hand, can make a difference in our lives. My life has been filled with teachers, pastors, friends, and others who have influenced me in life-changing ways. The influence of people helps me make sense of the world. We need people. We don’t need brands.

Yet why is it that the majority of missions organized by brands and programs? When we want to learn about theology, we go to Sproul, Wright, and Piper. Warren and Hybels are our gurus for growing megachurhes. Leadership, Maxwell. Church Planting, Stetzer. Missional stuff? Hirsch, Keller, etc.

Missions? The International Mission Board. YWAM. Christian Associates International. International Missions Society. Greater Europe Missions. International… well, you get the point. Missions is full of organizations and denominational entities. If you know a missionary at all, it’s likely because you knew her before she left for the field, met them on a trip, or that he’s come around asking for money. That’s your connection to the mission field.

Where are the missionary practitioners who will lead the church into a direct, responsible, and missiologically sound participation in missions?

Brands don’t cut it. We need some leaders.

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