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Posted May 2nd, 2006 by E. Goodman

Lately I’ve been accused (and by “I,” I mean someone else entirely, but with whom I mostly agree) of wanting to “pick and choose” from contradictory “systems” of belief. The accusation sounded a little bit like this:

“Your concern for social justice is clearly “Social Gospel.”Your anti-death penalty stance is taken from the Liberal’s political agenda.Your references to God’s sovereignty in salvation sounds very Calvinistic.You talk about postmodernism as though you’ve really bought into all of it.You quote R-rated movies like someone who is well acquainted with worldly things.

Your environmental concerns put you in the company of hippies and tree-huggers…”

Ok, I’m sure you get the point, but it goes on.

“And all of the above sounds just like that Blue Like Jazz guy, so you’re one of those.”

Or, even better (worse?):

“You may not recognize it, but I’ve seen all this before. It’s just the same old liberalism dressed up in new, trendy clothes.”

Where do we get the idea that everything comes as part of a package? (Ok, so I’m pretty sure I know where we get it, I’m asking for the sake of discussion.) Why do we have to put everything in neat little categories? Even more importantly, why do we assume that belief in one aspect of a system means adherence to the whole thing?

I’m really into the idea of redemption lately. I’ve seen God take things that were clearly not God-pleasing and turn them into beautiful instruments of praise. To me, that should be our standard for picking and choosing. Environmentalism is good stewardship of creation. I that’s a redeeming quality, whether the “issue” is associated with nature-worshippers or not.

Just for fun, here are some more things I believe in. I am:

-Pro-life because I believe that life is sacred. (Not just criminally innocent lives, but all life.)-Pro-peace, because I am pro-life, and because peace is evidence of the Spirit.-For engagement of culture, because Jesus’ incarnation modeled that for us.-For immigration, because the places people come from aren’t always good places for them to live.-For church/state separation, because it might not always be “us” in charge.

-For freedom of expression, for the same reason.

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