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Posted January 23rd, 2007 by E. Goodman

I had a great conversation the other day with a colleague about prayer. As missionaries, we know that prayer is vital to our work, and consider raising prayer support a major part of our work. I think that if you asked any of us on the field how many people we wanted praying for us, most of us would say, “As many as possible!”

But our conversation got me thinking about prayer in our missions endeavors. We say that prayer is important, but why is it important? We say that we need all the prayer support that we can get, but what does that mean?

I recently read an article about Church Planting Movements. In it, the author outlined the “12 reasons we aren’t seeing church planting movements in Western Europe.” At the top of the list was “lack of prayer.” If we had more prayer, he reasoned, we might really see God move.

So how many people do we need to pray, and how often? Where do we get the idea that more praying is better? Yes, I know that the purpose of prayer is to change our mind, not God’s,
but why is it better to have five thousand people praying than to have five hundred? Where do we get the idea that more is better?