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Posted February 15th, 2008 by E. Goodman

I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking with leaders of small, nontraditional churches in major urban centers in the United States. Many of them are just getting started in ministry and planting churches. I understand that starting a church takes time and energy.

So when I ask these guys about their vision for involvement in international missions, their answers tend to be something along the lines of,

“We’re just getting started. Once we’re a little more established, we’ll launch into something like that.”


“We’re small and don’t have the resources that those big seeker churches do. For now, we’re just going to stay local.”

What do you want your church to be about? What message are you sending to your people by putting off missions off until you’re older? Do you really think it will be easier for your people to get a vision for global involvement when you’ve been established for a while? Are resources an obstacle for God?

I say, start now. Start a church by rallying support for an international missions endeavor. Prayerfully select a place, a people group, or a missionary who is already on the field. Work together to develop a missional strategy to engage people with the gospel. If you don’t have money, come part-time, associate with other churches and groups, or come and get jobs. Intentionally engage people on vacation, in the States, or online.

Start with global ministry, and watch what it does for your local ministry.

Starting now will establish missions as a priority for your church. It will help keep your focus outward, and give you something to work toward that has lasting kingdom significance. Not that you’re “attractional,” but global involvement is appealing for the kinds of people your church is meant for.

Besides, you’re who we need in Western Europe. Forget the big churches who want to set up franchises around the world. We’re looking for missional, relational believers who have some understanding of ministry in a post Christian culture. We need people who are creative, teachable, and anti-establishment. You’re perfect for the job, so what are you waiting for?

If you were waiting for an invitation, here it is.

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