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Posted February 9th, 2009 by E. Goodman

Week-long tourist mission trips that have suburban American teenagers staying in five-star hotels and complaining about the food. Missions done more for adventure than out of obedience. The Sunday-school class that passes out American flags and money. Culturally inappropriate choir tours, drama troupes, youth musicals, puppet shows, clowns, mimes in the park. Attractional replications of […]

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Immediate. You can find and fund a small business in a developing nation in under five minutes on Kiva.org. Buy a pair of Tom’s Shoes, and a second pair is sent to a needy child in a developing nation (you can actually go on a “Shoe Drop” trip and deliver the shoes yourself). The action […]

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Filed under:Communication, Missions, Social Action, Trends Posted December 26th, 2008 by E. Goodman

Armchair missiologists of the world-  when deciding where to get involved in missions, don’t be distracted by what isn’t there. Let me explain. For far too long now, missions strategy has gone something like this: Start by finding where there are a lot of people who haven’t heard the gospel (or who don’t have access […]

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Filed under:Missiology, Missions, Planting, Strategy Posted November 24th, 2008 by E. Goodman

I think that churches, not parachurch organizations, should be doing missions. I believe that there is no substitute for the God-designed structure of pastoral leadership, ministry of the spiritual gifts, and the community of faith. Some churches, though, just don’t get it. We sometimes joke about the church-sponsored group that arrived for a week-long trip […]

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Filed under:Missiology, Missions, Misunderstood Posted April 16th, 2008 by E. Goodman

When you’re a carpenter, people pay you to build things out of wood. Mechanics earn their living by fixing cars. Authors are paid for writing books, lawyers bill for their counsel, and teachers are compensated for teaching. What is a missionary paid for? There’s really no tangible service being performed, and we don’t produce any […]

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Filed under:Finances, Missions Posted March 30th, 2008 by E. Goodman

I’ve been part of a couple of conversations lately about whether or not we still need denominations or associations of churches. Many times, supporters of these associations cite the benefits of smaller churches partnering with larger ones to be more effective in missions. There may be a good reason to hold on to denominations, but […]

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Filed under:Church, Missiology, Missions, Misunderstood Posted March 20th, 2008 by E. Goodman

As I encourage churches to get involved in international missions, one thing that often comes up is the question of where to start. With thousands of people groups in the world, and millions of potential places of service, where do you start? Most missions organizations would tell you to engage a “high priority” people. They […]

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Seth Godin says that all marketers are liars. If that’s true (I think it is), then whoever produces those infomercials is the worst of them. I’ve never seen an infomercial that didn’t insult our intelligence at every level- from the poor “acting” to the pseudo-talkshow format, it just reeks of disingenuousness. The worst part of […]

Filed under:Missions, Relationships Posted February 15th, 2008 by E. Goodman

I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking with leaders of small, nontraditional churches in major urban centers in the United States. Many of them are just getting started in ministry and planting churches. I understand that starting a church takes time and energy. So when I ask these guys about their vision for involvement […]

Filed under:Church, Missions Posted January 25th, 2008 by E. Goodman

When it comes to promoting missions and mobilizing missionaries, we rely on photos. In casting a vision for what God is doing around the world to bring people into right relationships with Himself, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Or, in my case, about four blog posts. It’s unfortunate, but we often fall […]

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