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Posted July 19th, 2010 by E. Goodman

Growing up in church, kids always got special treatment. At my church, for example, there was some unwritten rule giving all adults in church “special” permission to “discipline” us as though we were their own kids. Doyle Braden was an arm-grabber, as I recall. Mr. Lettow would flick the backs of our heads. Sean’s dad […]

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Filed under:Communication, Subculture Posted July 14th, 2010 by E. Goodman

It seems that everyone either has a network or is starting a network. A couple years ago, we started the Upstream Collective, a group of churches that think and act like missionaries. We looked around and didn’t see anything like it. We thought we could help. We saw a need, and we set out to […]

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Filed under:Christianity, Subculture, Trends Posted April 8th, 2008 by E. Goodman

All around you there are groups of people who are influencing and being influenced. You can (and should) be part of the discussion, but you’re too busy doing something that nobody else cares about. In your little “Christian” subculture bubble, you have no influence and few friends. Here are some tips to help you become […]

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Posted March 21st, 2008 by E. Goodman

I hate when people give advice about evangelism. “What you need to do,” they start, “is buy a five-pound bag of individually-wrapped Lifesavers candy. Then, print about five hundred business cards with the plan of salvation on the back. Staple a lifesaver to each of the business cards, and ask people if they’d like a […]

Filed under:Communication, Evangelism, Relationships, Subculture Posted October 29th, 2006 by E. Goodman

Backyard Bible Clubs. Youth Camp. Sports ministries. If you do any of these as evangelistic outreach, I’ve got a question for you: are you taking advantage of children? Yeah, I know- you came to faith through VBS when you were six years old. If it “worked” for you, it can’t be that bad, right? Let’s […]

Filed under:Evangelism, Subculture Posted September 6th, 2006 by E. Goodman

A couple of weeks ago, David Rogers tagged me with a game that asked me to list some books I’ve read recently. It sort of made the rounds through the blogosphere (again), and many of my fellow bloggers had played along. There are categories, such as “One book that changed your life” or ” One […]

Filed under:Books, Subculture Posted July 1st, 2006 by E. Goodman

Despite the fact that people are always telling me that history is important, I’ve never really been a history buff. In fact, I learned nearly everything I know about history by watching Hollywood movies. I didn’t even know about the Apollo 13 thing until, well, Apollo 13. Forest Gump taught me about three Presidents, Elvis […]

Filed under:Missions, Misunderstood, Subculture Posted May 10th, 2006 by E. Goodman

In my last post, I wrote about the resolution to “Develop an exit strategy from public schools” that is being proposed to the Southern Baptist Convention. Since we’re trying to put together an effective entrance strategy here in Western Europe (doing the opposite of what the resolution calls for), I’ve decided to put myself in […]

Filed under:Christianity, Missions, Strategy, Subculture Posted May 8th, 2006 by E. Goodman

Every year, Southern Baptists from across the United States get together in an annual Convention. This is a time for them to discuss denominational direction, elect leaders, and share what God is doing. One key part of the meeting is the proposal of resolutions. These are actions that members would like the denomination as a […]

Filed under:Missions, Misunderstood, Strategy, Subculture Posted April 29th, 2006 by E. Goodman

I recently attended a conference workshop where the speaker asked a lot of questions. She was talking about postmodernism (yeah, we still have to have the “Postmodernism” talk every time we get together), and sharing from her experience with a postmodern European guy. She presented their interaction as a case study, to illustrate the challenge […]

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