2007 March

I appreciate all the encouraging notes and comments I’ve received during my unplanned blog silence the last couple of weeks (months?). I’m sure I’ve lost some readers by not posting in a while; after all, who wants to keep up with a blog that is never updated? If you’re still watching this space, thank you.

A couple of months ago, I experienced something that has never happened to me. I sat down in front of the computer intending to write another soul-searching, thought-provoking post (thought-provoking for me, anyway), and the strangest thing happened: nothing. I couldn’t write. For some reason, everything that I wanted to write seemed boring, redundant, petty, annoying, worthless, or just silly.

My newfound writer’s block may have been due, in part anyway, to several conversations I had with readers. One was asking for my advice on starting his own blog. “How should I do it if I don’t want mine to be as focused on denominational politics as yours?” he asked. That got me thinking; Is my blog about denominational politics? That’s certainly not what I ever intended!

Another faithful reader told me that lately my posts had been lacking the “edge” that he had originally found so attractive. “I used to love when you’d really let people have it on your blog!” he said. I’ve never wanted my blog to be that, ever. I’m not trying to sling accusations or publicly challenge anyone about anything. This guy obviously hadn’t perused the comments sections of any of my posts; if he had, he would have seen what an inept debater I am.

The most interesting comment I’ve received lately about my blog was from a new reader who told me that he had stayed up all night one night reading every post I had ever written. “You kind of repeat yourself a lot.” he said. “Your posts are good, but you seem to be saying the same thing over and over.” I tried not to point out that his two-sentence comment was itself redundant.

The thing that bothered me about his comment was that I agree with him. What’s the point of writing once a week about how uncomfortable I am as a missionary, and how much I think the people in the churches back home misunderstand me? Why fill the (virtual) pages of a blog with complaints and things that only serve to discourage those within my organization?

So until I come up with something worth writing, I won’t be posting here. Thank you for reading, and for participating in the discussion.