picture-1-1968376Ernest Goodman was born in a nondescript hospital in a suburb that looked a lot like every other suburb. He is one-seventy-fifth Native American, and was picked on by bullies in Junior High School. He was born and raised in a Christian home, though it does sound trite when it’s put that way. Despite attempts at fly-fishing, snorkeling, and spelunking, he is neither outdoorsy not adventurous, and lacks the ability to grow enough facial hair to qualify him as “rugged.”

Though he is prolific, Goodman writes like he speaks, in run-on sentences with hanging participles. His postmodern worldview makes it difficult for him to find an expression of Christianity that he is comfortable with, so he writes a blog about all the things he wonders about. His grandmother humors him, his friends tolerate him, and strangers avoid him. He does his best work at night, but that really isn’t saying much.

His received the finest education money can buy at one the the five recognized Southern Baptist Seminaries, and put it to work in residential construction. Sometimes, he wonders how his life would be different if he had gone to Harvard or Stanford for graduate school, but then he remembers how well he was paid as a professional missionary.

baby-6950700 Ernest loves to people watch, and to over-analyze even the shallowest of movies. He is fascinated by culture and the ideas that influence it. He doesn’t really like being around people all that much, but he spends a lot of time talking to them, what with being in ministry and such. He doesn’t really have any hobbies or specific skills, but he would like to be artistic and athletic. Oh, and taller.

Ernest Goodman is not interesting. None of his ideas are original, though he rarely remembers where they come from well enough to cite the source. He types very slowly, which causes him to become bored with a thought before he finishes it.

Unless you plan on being mean, you can contact Ernest Goodman at: ernest(dot)goodman(at)gmail(dot)com or by commenting on his blog: Missions Misunderstood.

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